Lost But Not Forgotten: The Ethos Behind Stevenson Overall Co.

The core philosophy behind Stevenson Overall Co. is based on the concept of not competing with similar brands or to capitalize on passing trends. Instead, Atsusuke Tagaya, Zip Stevenson, and their team feel that there’s an even greater responsibility at hand in the form of fully understanding their own production methods and how they relate to their customer base. Everything from design processes to their personal passions have changed since they revived the coincidental brand name in 2005, but there remains one constant – an aim to create pieces that their team is fully devoted to, in every sense of the word. This aim has slowly evolved over time into more of a duty. A duty to not only themselves, but also their employees, and most of all, their customers. 

“I’m always trying to make products that people will be satisfied with.”

Atsusuke Tagaya, Co-Founder & Designer of Stevenson Overall Co.

Expressing yourself typically means having a deep urge to create centered as the be-all and end-all goal, but the larger your platform is, the more it seems that there’s an impetus to impart your story, your process, and your philosophy on your craft. It’s an itch that never goes away. Stevenson Overall Co. resurrected this American heritage brand with a Japanese approach pointing towards denim production processes like the single stitched, flat felled seam method from yesteryear as part of their commitment. Combining these ideas together with an unwavering desire to do it on their own terms, they create products that give purpose to not only their own brand, but even more so to pay homage to the craft of the underutilized and uncommon techniques themselves. 

We worked closely with Self Edge NY and Stevenson Overall Co. in order to highlight these details below. Special thanks to Nick, Austin, and Kiya of Self Edge NY and Atsusuke Tagaya of Stevenson Overall Co.

Desperado Shirt – Sulfur Black Twill
727 La Jolla Jean – 14oz Rope Dyed Unsanforized Japanese Selvedge Denim

Libertine Silk & Rayon Blend Shirt
727 La Jolla Jean – 12oz Sanforized Black/Black Japanese Denim

Smith Narrow x Wide Plaid Indigo-Dyed Shirt
727 La Jolla Jean – 12oz Sanforized Black/Black Japanese Denim

Stevenson Overall Co. isn’t a fashion brand…because fashion brands make categories for who’s buying.”

Atsusuke Tagaya, Co-Founder & Designer of Stevenson Overall Co.

Photography, Styling, and Writing: Joseph Wang
Creative Direction: Charlie Duong
Model: Leonardo Cantergiani